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Welcome to the Registration Readiness address lookup page.
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On June 30, 2021, Secretary of State Frank LaRose released the Registration Readiness website providing Ohioans the opportunity to review potentially abandoned voter registrations at risk of cancellation following the 2021 General Election. The 16,733 registrations on the June list were completely inactive for a period of at least four years per the National Change of Address process, as laid out in state and federal law. In June, these identified registrations were then provided at least an additional six months to restore their registration status to fully active by taking just one of the following actions:

  • Voting in the 2021 general election
  • Updating or confirming their registration
  • Responding to a mailing from their county board of elections
  • Any other qualifying voter initiated activity

According to Ohio’s county boards of elections and despite the significant amount of time, outreach, and opportunity to re-activate a registration, 15,245 registrations remain completely abandoned. Those registrations on the list below did not take any of the above actions, including voting in the 2021 general election. Per federal and state law, these abandoned registrations were removed by their respective county board of elections from the voter registration database.

A registration that is cancelled may register again at any time. If you have questions about this list, please contact your county board of elections at OhioSoS.gov/boards.

Note: Each county board of elections was required to populate and submit this data to the Secretary of State’s Office pursuant to Directive 2021-16. This list contains data from all county boards of elections and depicts the abandoned registrations submitted by them to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

This published list of data is static and will not be continuously updated to reflect renewed registrations. An abandoned registration that is removed may register at any time. For questions about the status of your registration, please contact your county board of elections at OhioSoS.gov/boards.